Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wildflowers & Waterfalls
George Ellison and Tim Spira Team up Oct. 21 to benefit Discover Life in America

This post first appeared in the Compleat Naturalist e-newsletter and was written by Laura Mahan, co-owner of the Compleat Naturalist, and the person who is organizing this presentation.

George Ellison writes the Nature Journal column for the Asheville Citizen-Times, among other things. He is well-known in our area as an excellent naturalist, writer, and teacher. This spring he wrote a review of the new book by Dr. Tim Spira, Wildflowers & Plant Communities of the Southern Appalachians & Piedmont, about which he said, "I never thought I'd see anything this good on this topic for this region in my lifetime." When he finally got to meet Tim, the two hit it off as fellow botanizers and they came up with the idea of doing a program together.

So that's how this program idea was born. George and Tim came to Laura Mahan and volunteered to do a presentation. The speakers did not want to be paid, but instead suggested that proceeds be given to a non-profit group. Compleat Naturalist owner Laura Mahan serves on the board of directors of Discover Life in America, and they agreed that this would be an excellent organization to support.

The next question was location-- where to have the program. The group decided to ask the Cathedral of All Souls in Biltmore Village, just a block away from The Compleat Naturalist, if they could have a presentation in the Parish Hall, and the church was most agreeable and supportive. Afterward participants will go to The Compleat Naturalist for a party and socializing.
We think this is a wonderful event that celebrates the beauty and biological diversity of the mountains while supporting a worthwhile cause, and giving everyone the opportunity for fun and socializing with other nature-minded folk. We hope you can come!

Oct. 21, 7-9 pm: Wildflowers & Waterfalls: A Closer Look (starts at Cathedral of All Souls; party at The Compleat Naturalist; Biltmore Village, Asheville, NC)